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*** POSTPONED*** WombQuake™ Shamanic Journey

A highly immersive, sensory intense shamanic journey

For the first time, Angel Phoenix is taking her WombQuake™ sessions global. After a year of sharing this cosmic upleveling with her most intimate students, the time is right to bring it to YOU.

What is WombQuake™?

WombQuake™ is a highly immersive, sensory intense shamanic journey that runs over a 3 hour event. It begins with ritual and ceremony. Then, using multitple breathwork techniques, self-pleasure techniques, indigenous drum and gong, channelled singing and a multitude of codes, she creates a safe container for you to feel deeper than you have ever felt and rise higher than you've ever rose, as you meet the vibrations of the space.

Unlike more mainstream breathwork, I guide you through a multitude of meditations that take you from your third eye to the tip of your clitoris, pushing breathe to fill every space from the top of the head to the bottoms of your soles - all through the throb of the heart and womb space. It is an incredible oppourtunity to meet the edges of your pain and exercise alchemising it into pleasure. Often, participants discuss the epiphanies they have following messages from their guides or subconscious. It is a mind bending way to move through psychic debris as you reclaim your personal power & find your voice.

Who is Angel Phoenix?


... an author, public speaker, visionary, serial entrepreneur and founder/facilitator of WombQuake™ - a shamanic excavation rooted in blood & breathe.

She delights in being a mouthpiece for the cosmos and brand ambassador for the underworld.

Plus, she teaches women how to stop looking for the world to liberate them by showing them how to enthusiastically blow their own minds.

Adamant about her convictions, she was born to teach people how to take up space and change the world, by changing their own lives first.

Angel Phoenix has spent the last few years fine tuning her message and amplifying her magic, gaining her traction both nationally and internationally for her work in the Doula sphere and influencer communities where she vocally pushed for both activism and self-expression.

For further information on WombQuake™ and Angel, head on over to her website and Instagram.


  • Tickets are AUD$199 and are non-refundable. Only 30 tickets available.
  • Location announced closer to the date - please ensure you input your email address for updates and look out for my correspondence in your junk mail.
  • Attendee safety is of utmost priority, as such, this workshop is exclusively available to women and/or people with wombs who resonate with the language I use.
  • There are no cell phones or recording devices allowed in this space. We ask you leave them in your car or handbag, there will be a collections at front of house. 
  • Although you will be safely held through these sessions from start to finish, it is important you know that these sessions are for entertainment, inspiration and personal development purposes only. Please consult your healthcare professionals for advice as it pertains to you.
  • Individuals bleeding are welcome to attend. Unfortunately due to the nature of the event, there are no children allowed.
  • Please see full Terms & Conditions HERE.

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Yoga Collective

21 Bath St



AUD $199